Black Balloon Day – March 6

March 6 is International Black Balloon Day. Take a few minutes this week to educate yourself about the toxic drug crisis and learn how you can support loved ones who may be struggling with substance use issues.

The event brings awareness to the worldwide toxic drug crisis and highlights deaths from drug overdose and substance-related harm. On this day, people pay tribute to family and friends who have died from drug poisoning and overdose. The event also aims to deflate the stigma of addiction, which is the reason many don’t seek help. Addiction is a brain disease — not a moral failure. People need reassurance that addiction is not their fault.

Black Balloon Day began with one family’s tragic loss. On March 6, 2015, Greg Tremblay, a father of four aged 38, died of an overdose. His mother-in-law, Diane and sister-in-law, Lauren Hurley, initiated the event to remember Greg. It has since become an international event. Learn more.

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