How Mental Health First Aid Training Saves Employers Money

As a responsible employer, you provide a physically safe environment for your workers. But what about their psychological health and safety? Are you doing enough to help your staff be their best selves at work? Supporting your employees’ mental health with Mental Health First Aid training, can improve productivity, reduce absences, and increase worker retention.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, one in five (20%) of Canadians, will suffer from a significant mental health condition at least once in their lifetime. Many people feel uncomfortable talking about mental health issues, however, things are changing. Media campaigns and educational courses are bringing awareness to how many Canadians are affected by mental health conditions.  These initiatives are taking away the stigma that prevents those suffering from mental health issues from seeking help.

The cost of a disability leave for a mental illness is about double the cost of a leave due to a physical illness. A growing body of international evidence demonstrates that promotion, prevention, and early intervention initiatives show positive returns on investment. Smart employers provide Mental Health First Aid training in the workplace because they want to:

  • Reduce employee absenteeism
  • Reduce medical and disability costs
  • Improve employee retention
  • Improve employee morale
  • Reduce stigma around mental health issues

Safe + Sound offers public Mental Health First Aid training in Coquitlam and we also do onsite training in organizations all over Metro Vancouver. If you’d like more information about our public courses or private Group Training for your team, please contact us.

Mental Health First Aid training in Coquitlam:

Register online for Mental Health First Aid in Coquitlam ($200.00+GST)


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