A person inserts a nasal spray into a CPR manikin's nose

Nasal Spray for Anaphylaxis – Goodbye Needles!

The development of a nasal spray for anaphylaxis has created much excitement in the field of treatment for severe allergies. This new treatment will replace the current method of using an autoinjector to administer epinephrine into the thigh. For millions of people worldwide with severe allergies who dread the thought of needles, this is great news.

At its June 27, 2024, meeting, the European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) recommended administering epinephrine via nasal spray instead of injection. The committee said using the nasal spray should be the first step in emergency treatment for allergic reactions and exercise-induced anaphylaxis. Studies have shown this method to be safe and effective.

The new nasal spray still needs final marketing approval, which should happen later in 2024. Millions will welcome the new needle-free solution for anaphylaxis. Read the full story on Medium or Substack.

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