Gill McCulloch, Company Director

Gill McCulloch is the Owner/Director of Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd. She has lived in Coquitlam with her family since 1998 and is an active member of the Tri-Cities community. Gill holds a BSc (Hons) in Human Biological Sciences and was a Canadian Red Cross first aid instructor for 12 years (1999-2011).

She has 25+ years of experience as a business owner in the first aid industry and is a proud member of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce. Gill enjoys providing training for organizations and individuals and helping people get the certification they require.

Gill's mission is to help create safer, happier communities through education and training. Together with her team of highly skilled instructors, she makes every effort to ensure that clients have an exceptional training experience.

Gill McCulloch

Safe + Sound Instructors

Our courses are taught by certified instructors who can tailor the course based on class composition. Physical First Aid and Babysitting classes are taught by instructors certified by the Canadian Red Cross. Mental Health First Aid classes are taught by instructors certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Our instructors bring a wealth of personal experience to their classes, and their use of real-life examples makes first aid training entertaining and memorable.



As a retired doctor of medicine, university professor and infectious disease specialist, Reza brings a wealth

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Christine is a certified Canadian Red Cross Youth Leader who teaches in-person and virtual Babysitting classes.

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Mental Health First Aid Instructor and Certified Career Development Practitioner

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Ian has been involved in first aid and EMS education for 28 years. His experience includes 20 years

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