Our Most Popular Online Classes

Safety training is vital in all industries. Online training is an easy, convenient and effective option.

Workers need knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe so they can go home injury-free at the end of each day. We know you and your team are busy and it’s hard to find the time to complete training courses. We also know that people don’t have to go and sit in a classroom to gain certain skills and knowledge.

In many cases, online training offers the perfect solution.

Safe + Sound offers a wide  range of online safety training courses available employers and workers across Canada. Since 2012, our clients have benefited from the collaborative partnership we have with BIS Training Solutions.

Benefits of online training include:

  • Cost effective: no hotels, travel, meals and less time away from the workplace.
  • Convenient: courses can be completed wherever you have access to a computer and internet access.
  • Self paced: students can pause at any time and continue where they left off.
  • Consistent: video /slide format ensures the course is the same every time.
  • Easy verification: online access to training and certification records for students and managers.

Safety isn't something your people should learn by accident.
Be proactive and provide your team with access to a comprehensive online course library.