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Who is the hero in your workplace?   

In every workplace, there is a quiet hero. They have a skill set that’s quick and easy to acquire yet priceless in value

This person is not necessarily the boss with the shiny new Mercedes or the sales rep with the highest sales figures. The hero could be the janitor, the work-experience student, or the accountant.

It could be you.

This person has a unique set of skills. They never know when they’ll need them, so they must always be prepared. They assess their surroundings differently from others — with heightened awareness.

This person has inner confidence — empowered with skills to handle a crisis. Emergencies can take many forms and never happen at convenient moments.

During an emergency, the quiet hero stays calm and takes charge. They are assertive and know how to direct the scene. They ensure someone contacts Emergency Medical Services and designate duties to their chosen helpers.

They have the knowledge and skills to care for the injured and ill and provide comfort and reassurance to casualties and concerned team members.

The hero is the one who has first-aid training.

This person can assist someone choking in the lunchroom and quickly clear their blocked airway. They can stop a deadly bleed or give CPR to a co-worker slumped at their desk in cardiac arrest. They can administer Naloxone following a suspected drug poisoning and much more.

The hero is the person who saves a life.

First aid skills are easy to learn, and anyone can do it.

Could you be the hero in your workplace?

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