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Mental Health First Aid – Learn to help people with mental health issues

When people think of first-aid training, they often think of CPR or bandages. But now there is a program that teaches people how to help those with mental health issues. If somebody breaks a leg we call 911 and the ambulance comes, but with mental health issues it’s harder to recognize the signs and the symptoms and to know what to do.

Safe + Sound offers the Mental Health First Aid course regularly in Coquitlam. The course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how they can help a friend, family member or co-worker who may be experiencing mental health issues. There is still a stigma associated with mental health and the more people are informed and involved, the better.

What is the purpose of the Mental Health First Aid Course?

– Identify when a person may be a danger to themselves or to others and take steps to preserve life.

– Recognize the early signs of mental health problems and provide help to prevent more serious problems from developing.

– Provide comfort to someone with a mental health problem and support them in the recovery of their mental health.

– Guide a person towards the appropriate professional help.

The Mental Health First Aid course isn’t designed to train people to become therapists, but rather to show them how to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse and learn what kind of professional help might be needed. Mental Health First Aid is a 12-hour certification course and includes video, role play and discussion.

Follow the link below for course information and online registration or call 604-945-7277

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Mental Health First Aid course schedule, Coquitlam

Group Training – Onsite or at our Coquitlam location

Onsite Training – Mental Health First Aid

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