An older woman wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, sits on a beige sofa drinking a glass of red wine and looking depressed.

Substance Use in Older Adults

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) in older adults is not something most of us are comfortable talking about. But don’t assume your older workers or loved ones are immune. Broaching the subject and having these discussions can save lives. If you suspect someone is struggling with SUD, talk to them — before it’s too late.

The following article discusses the relationship between alcohol use, falls and hip fractures in older adults. It includes suggestions on how to broach the subject of substance use with family members and where to find helpful resources:

Is Alcohol or Old Age the Cause of Your Older Family Member’s Broken Hip?

This article outlines some practical ways you can help prevent people from dying from atoxic drug poisoning:

Opioid Overdose: Four Things We Can Do Today to Stop Senseless Deaths

You can find other articles on substance use, addiction and the toxic drug crisis here.

Openly discussing substance use in older adults with families, co-workers and doctors can save lives.

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