World First Aid Day – Sept 8 2018 – Why learn first aid?

The second Saturday in September is World First Aid Day. On this day we acknowledge the role of first aid awareness, training and practical application in making a real difference to people’s lives.

A common misconception is ‘it won’t happen to me’. The truth is that thousands of Canadians die and millions are injured each year due to unforeseen events.

First aid is a valuable life skill

You never know when you’ll need to use your first aid skills. A first aid class will give you the confidence and skills to calmly and effectively provide relief to those in need. First aid training provides more than the knowledge and skills to effectively respond – it also provides the confidence to act when needed. It takes confidence to step forward at the critical moment when others are panicking. Taking immediate action and applying the appropriate techniques, while waiting for professional help, can considerably reduce deaths and injuries.

In 2017 556,695 Canadians learned first aid and over 1 million Canadians attended Red Cross swimming and water safety courses. Everyone can benefit from learning first aid. Every single day lives are saved and injury and illness is reduced through the efforts of ordinary individuals who have taken the time to become trained.

By increasing the number of trained first aiders across Canada, the number of preventable deaths in homes, workplaces and public spaces is likely to decline.

You cannot put a price on a life saved. First aid training is a small investment I encourage everyone to make.

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Gill McCulloch, Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd.

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