Happy Holidays from Safe + Sound, and Thank You!

To our dedicated team of highly experienced instructors

We see and appreciate how much energy you put into your teaching and professional development. We love how you care for our clients with patience and kindness.

To the employers and agency case managers who have trusted us to train their staff and clients

We acknowledge you for seeing the value in safety training. We respect that you show your team members that you care about their safety by investing in first aid and mental health first aid training. Your workplace is safer because you give your people time off to take classes and learn first aid and safety skills. The families of your workers are confident that their loved ones will come home safely at the end of the day.

To our community champions and supporters, including the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce and its members

The Chamber is an organization that provides an excellent platform from which local businesses can network and learn while providing support and celebrating each other’s achievements. We appreciate all of the great friendships we have made with fellow business owners and also the referrals you send our way!

To our course attendees and all of the people who post good reviews about Safe + Sound

Thank you for your lovely positive feedback and for registering your family members on our courses. It makes us happy to know that you and your families are safer because of the skills you learn in our courses. We look forward to seeing you again when it’s time for a refresher.

Special thanks to the new immigrants and refugees

You have taken a leap of faith and courage to tackle a Red Cross class in a language that many of you are still learning, and we have the greatest admiration for you. We know how much a Red Cross certification means to you. We’ve seen your tears of joy and celebrated with you when you discover that you’ve passed your course. We know that you may be depending on this certification so that you can work and put food on the table for your families. We wish you happiness and success in your new life in Canada.

To everyone who is involved with Safe + Sound First Aid Training

Thank you for helping us to provide a much-needed service in our community. We appreciate you all very much and wish you a safe and happy time with your family and friends over the holidays.

Gill McCulloch, Director,
Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd.

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