The man with the blanket

In this last month I’ve given first aid three times – to a friend with a head injury that required seven stitches, to a woman who fell off the treadmill and hit her head at my gym and a dog who was hit by a car near Coquitlam Town Centre park. In all three situations other people rushed in to help and it was a good reminder about how important teamwork is in an emergency situation. If you’re involved in an emergency situation, look around you. Is there anyone that can help? Don’t be shy about asking. Most people want to help but often they’re not sure what to do.It’s great if you have first aid training but even if you don’t, here are some things you can do:

  • Call 911 and ask for an ambulance. Don’t hang up until they tell you to.
  • Get someone to meet the first responders and guide them to the injured person.
  • Comfort and reassure the injured person – treat them as you’d like someone to treat you.
  • Find a first aid kit and bring it to the scene.
  • If the person is cold and shivery, cover them with a blanket or jacket.
  • Make them as comfortable as you can – preferably without moving them.

Of the three situations I was involved in the injured dog was the most traumatic. The dog, a beautiful husky had run onto the road and was hit by a car and rolled underneath it. It was in terrible pain and we did what we could to comfort it while calling for help. The local animal shelters were unable to pick up the dog so eventually the owner had to transport it in his car. While we were struggling to slide the thrashing, squealing dog onto a mat in order to lift it into the car, a man who had witnessed the accident came over and gave the dog’s owner a beautiful soft blanket to cover the dog, wished him well and walked away.

It is very touching to witness the kindness of strangers. This man didn’t want or expect any thanks he just saw a need and did something to help. Even though it’s highly unlikely he will see my post, I just wanted to say “Thank you” to him.

Gill McCulloch


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